About Us


We prioritise efficient solutions that save time, resources, and costs for our clients.

Customer Satisfaction

Our top priority is ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with our services.

Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to eco-friendly practices that minimise the impact on the environment.


Our team of highly skilled professionals delivers expert solutions for all waste management needs.

Our Core Values

At Aquarius Waste Management, our mission is to provide efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly waste management solutions that keep properties clean, safe, and compliant with regulations. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering a wide range of services, from septic tank installation and maintenance to blocked drain clearance and emergency support.

Our success is built on the expertise and dedication of our team. Each member of the Aquarius Waste Management team is highly trained, experienced, and committed to delivering the best possible service to our customers.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your property clean, safe, and compliant.

Our Commitment to the Environment

At Aquarius Waste Management, we understand the importance of protecting the environment. We are committed to providing eco-friendly waste management solutions that minimise the impact on the surrounding ecosystem. By adhering to strict environmental regulations and best practices, we ensure that all waste is disposed of safely and responsibly.

Here are our 5 golden eco principles.

Adhere to strict environmental regulations and best practices for waste disposal
Utilise eco-friendly technologies and methods in our waste management processes
Promote recycling and reuse of materials whenever possible to reduce waste
Educate our clients on proper waste management practices to minimise environmental impact
Continuously explore and adopt new, sustainable solutions in the waste management industry

Our Waste Warriors


Andy Gunton


Having worked in the drainage industry since leaving school longer than he cares to remember ago! Andy started his own company in 2000 and wanted to keep things local finding a yard within the local community and employing local people. From doing every aspect of the business to start he has now hung up his driving gloves and can be found in the office so is always available to speak to our many customers the vast majority of whom he has visited personally either emptying tanks or site managing the install of a new system.
When he’s not at work he can be found in the local area spending time with friends and family


Jamie Gunton


Starting his career as a transport manager for DHL he was here for the birth of Aquarius and helped it take its first steps. He then started his own business in the entertainment industry but has returned to the family business to help it take its next steps. He still likes to get out on the road and keep his hand in and when not working can be found in his caravan down on the south coast with his family enjoying the great British weather.


Sharon Webb


The backbone of the operation Sharon can be found in the office or on the phone anytime of the day or night. Having been here for 15 years she knows our customers very well and some even say they talk to her more than they talk to their own family! Having recently become a grandma she enjoys spending her down time surrounded by her growing family.

Opening Hours

Out of Hours: 0782 5417 696

Our office hours are as follows:

8 am–4 pm
8 am–4 pm
8 am–4 pm
8 am–4 pm
8 am–4 pm
Absolute saviours!
Aquarius have been absolutely saviours several times with a recurring drain problem. Always really helpful and understanding on the phone. Quick service (they're usually out to help within a few hours). Would definitely recommend.
Kirsty Bowman
Hazardous waste removal & disposal
Fantastic Company, Friendly Helpful Ladies in the Office, Adam and Steve determined to sort out the problem and make the customer satisfied. Its been a pleasure!! Thank you Team Aquarius Job Well Done !!!
Eat A Pitta Maintenance
1st class 100% recommend!
Absolutely fantastic and speedy service many thanks to Sharon Jamie and Adam 1st class 100% recommended
Adam Trewella
On-site within 2 hours
I called yesterday and a very friendly staff member said they would send someone out within two hours and they did: really impressive given the current situation. Thank you.
Helen Moriarty
Professional and knowledgeable operatives
Fantastic Service carried out by professional and knowledgeable operatives. 100% Recommend.
Louie Raymond

Our Fleet

At Aquarius Waste Management, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles, which enables us to provide efficient, reliable, and comprehensive waste management and drainage services. Our diverse range of specialised vehicles ensures that we have the right tools for every job, no matter the scale or complexity.


2000 Gallon Combi Tanker Jetter


3000 Gallon Vacuum Tanker


2000 Gallon Vacuum Tankers


Articulated 6000 Gallon Vacuum Tankers


High Pressure Water Jetting and CCTV Vans