Clearing Gully Drains at Airbus

Aquarius Waste Management Resolves Flooding Issues at Airbus Facility

Aquarius Waste Management Resolves Flooding Issues at Airbus Facility

Aquarius Waste Management was called to the Airbus facility to address a critical drainage issue that had been causing significant flooding on the site’s roads. With the recent heavy rainfall and more expected in the coming days, it was crucial to identify and resolve the problem quickly to ensure the safety of employees and maintain the smooth operation of the facility.

Upon arriving at the Airbus site, our experienced team conducted a thorough assessment of the affected areas. It was determined that the gully drains, which are designed to channel excess water away from the roads, were blocked, leading to the accumulation of floodwater on the surface.

To identify the specific drains connected to the problematic gullies, our skilled technicians employed a clever technique using dye. By introducing a safe, water-soluble dye into the gullies, they were able to trace the path of the water and pinpoint the exact location of the blockages within the drainage system.

Once the affected drains were identified, our team deployed our state-of-the-art combi unit to tackle the blockages. The combi unit is a versatile vehicle that combines the power of a high-pressure water jetter with the functionality of a CCTV drain survey system, making it the perfect tool for this type of operation.

Using the combi unit’s advanced jetting capabilities, our operators directed high-pressure water through the blocked drains, effectively breaking up and dislodging the built-up debris and sediment. This powerful jetting action cleared the way for the floodwater to drain properly, alleviating the surface flooding on the roads.

To ensure that the drains were completely clear and fully functional, we followed up the jetting process with a comprehensive CCTV drain survey. By guiding a specialised camera through the drains, we were able to visually inspect the interior of the pipes, confirming that all obstructions and debris had been successfully removed. This final step provided Airbus with the peace of mind that their drainage system was now in optimal condition and ready to handle the upcoming rainfall.

At Aquarius Waste Management, we take pride in our ability to deliver swift, effective, and long-lasting solutions to complex drainage issues. Our combination of cutting-edge equipment, like the combi unit, and the expertise of our skilled technicians allows us to tackle even the most challenging problems with efficiency and precision.

We understand the critical importance of maintaining clear and functional drainage systems, especially for businesses and facilities as large and complex as Airbus. By addressing the flooding issues promptly and effectively, we were able to minimise disruption to the site’s operations and ensure a safe working environment for all employees.

If your commercial or industrial property is facing drainage problems or flooding issues, don’t hesitate to contact Aquarius Waste Management. With our state-of-the-art equipment, experienced team, and commitment to exceptional service, we are well-equipped to handle any drainage challenge you may face. Trust us to keep your drains flowing smoothly and your business running efficiently, no matter the weather.