Dyson treatment centre drainage clearance

Aquarius Waste Management Clears Drains at the New Dyson Cancer Centre at Royal United Hospital in Bath

Aquarius Waste Management Clears Drains at the New Dyson Cancer Centre at Royal United Hospital in Bath

On Tuesday, Aquarius Waste Management was called to the Royal United Hospital (RUH) in Bath to address a drainage issue outside the newly constructed Dyson Cancer Centre. The state-of-the-art treatment facility, funded by the generous support of the Dyson family, had recently been completed, and as with many new construction projects, debris from the building process had found its way into the drains surrounding the centre.

To tackle this challenge, our skilled team deployed our advanced combi unit, a versatile vehicle that combines the power of a high-pressure water jetter with the capacity of a vacuum tanker. The combi unit is equipped with a specialised “Warthog” jetting nozzle, which is designed to break up and remove even the toughest blockages, including set concrete.

Upon arrival at the RUH, our experienced operators quickly assessed the situation and identified the affected drains. Using the Warthog nozzle, they directed high-pressure water jets into the drains, effectively breaking up the compacted debris and concrete. As the debris was dislodged, the combi unit’s powerful vacuum system simultaneously sucked the material into the vehicle’s tank, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

Thanks to the combi unit’s advanced capabilities and our team’s expertise, the drainage system surrounding the Dyson Cancer Centre was swiftly cleared of all obstructions. This prompt action not only restored the drains to full functionality but also helped prevent potential flooding or damage to the newly constructed facility.

At Aquarius Waste Management, we understand the importance of maintaining clear and efficient drainage systems, especially in critical healthcare settings like the RUH. Our investment in cutting-edge equipment, such as the combi unit, and the continuous training of our skilled operators, allows us to deliver swift, effective, and reliable solutions to even the most challenging drainage issues.

We are proud to have played a role in supporting the smooth operation of the new Dyson Cancer Centre, ensuring that the facility can continue to provide vital treatment and care to patients without interruption. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and results, coupled with our ability to handle a wide range of drainage and waste management challenges, makes Aquarius Waste Management the trusted choice for organisations throughout Bristol, Bath, and the Southwest.

If your property or facility is facing drainage issues, from debris buildup to set concrete blockages, contact Aquarius Waste Management today. Our experienced team and advanced equipment, including our powerful combi units, are ready to provide the efficient, reliable, and professional service you need to keep your drains flowing smoothly.